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Create Legendary Creatures and Gods with Myths and Monsters in Little Alchemy 2

If you are Christian, you must know about the Holy water and its importance. Holy water is water from a holy spring blessed by the clergy. You can make this holy water in little alchemy 2, sparking the spirit of your beliefs. Making Holy water is a simple procedure however you must have purchased the myths and monsters content pack in Little Alchemy 2.

how do you download myths and monsters in little alchemy 2

Once you open Little Alchemy 2 on your android or iOS go to the Store at the bottom of the screen. Before purchasing the Myths and Monsters pack, go through the info. Basic information regarding the myths and monsters pack would be provided to you.

By getting the Myths and Monsters pack in little alchemy 2 you cannot only make Holy Water but also get a chance to discover 110 more items, using four new basic elements, all related to interesting mythologies.

As mentioned earlier, there are two simple recipes to make holy water in little alchemy 2. We have mentioned easy-to-follow guidelines to make holy water from scratch in little alchemy 2. A quick recipe is mentioned first.

In Little alchemy 2 not a single element is meaning less. You can also use Holy water in little alchemy 2 to obtain some other amazing items and continue the interesting journey of your game. Below is the list of elements you can create using holy water. Try them out!

Now that you already know how do you make good in little alchemy 2, let us help you learn about the other little alchemy 2 recipes to create different elements with the help of good. The following list of recipes will help you create several elements with the help of good. Take a look at each recipe given below!

Above, we told you step by step how you can make an electric car in little alchemy 2. If you think that this guide helps you, please share it with your friends. If you also like to play dragon city games and want to know about the breeding of dragon in dragon city, please check the gamerstutor website.

Many online resources are available to help you on your Little Alchemy 2 journey. Websites like and provide comprehensive guides and lists of all possible element combinations in the game.


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