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Watch The Boss Baby for Free - The Best Animated Film of 2017

the 1998 animated film of the same name, written by john august, and directed by tony leondis, is about a baby elephant who goes to work as a ceo for a baby-focused corporation called baby corp. as his boss, the boss baby. the movie features the voice of b. j. novak and was produced by dreamworks animation.

Free Download The Boss Baby (English)


in the first episode of the first season, boss baby and his brother tim, go to a pet store and discover that the two brothers have become clones of each other. then, they go to the headquarters of baby corp. and try to find out why they are clones. they are surprised to find out that they are clones as tim himself has only one child. tim also reveals to boss that his name is tim and that he has to take over as ceo of baby corp. soon, but that he does not feel ready for that.

boss baby goes to save the town from bootsy calico. bootsy is a crazy man that was raised by cats and he is a mad scientist. he is also the inventor of the whole conspiracy against baby corp. the episode has some references to the 1977 film the wizard of oz as well as 2001: a space odyssey. bootsy's new creation is a homicidal mancat that is called the manchurian candidate. when boss baby saves the town, bootsy then captures him. in the climax, boss baby defeats bootsy and the town's leader then lets boss baby live and give him the job as the new ceo of baby corp.

in the first season, boss baby is featured in several episodes. boss baby has an assistant named della. the assistant's other brother, jasper, is a young, cute, clumsy and green gorilla. jasper has the ability to speak human language and has a pet cat named moses. jasper goes on a quest with boss baby to find the safety of others by discovering the gateway of baby corp. where they are surrounded by several different types of monsters. unfortunately, jasper is captured.


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