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Carlos O Kellys Enchiladas San Carlos Recipe __TOP__

I used store-bought salsa verde and store-bought rotisserie chicken (with no salt added) to make this recipe super easy. Most of your time is put into warming the corn tortillas, rolling them up with chicken filling and arranging them in the baking dish. Then you are done! The enchiladas are ready to bake and serve.

carlos o kellys enchiladas san carlos recipe

I made the Chili Gravy tonight for our own enchiladas and they were GREAT. My husband thinks this is the best recipe I have used in years, and I have to agree. I used hot smoked paprika because we like things quite spicy, but otherwise followed the recipe for the gravy to the letter. Thank you so much for a wonderful addition to our dinner repertoire!

These are simply the best cheese enchiladas I have ever made. I have made these several times since finding this beautiful recipe on your website. I make mine with just a little less cayenne because that can get a little to much heat but wow I love love love these. Thank [email protected]!

Being from San Antonio, the best enchiladas are from Blanco cafe. This recipe comes close to theirs. I found your recipe a couple of weeks ago and have already made the gravy three times! I did add meat to the gravy. It is delicious!

This sauce is delicious!!! I used to use a sauce by old el paso that was like a brown sauce. They quit selling it so i quit making enchiladas because i dont like the red sauces, until i came across this recipe. So much better than the canned stuff!!!!

I have made enchiladas for many many years. I just never could duplicate the sauce that I liked the most. Found your recipe a month ago. Never did I think of making a rue. I made it and My sister and I could not believe that it made all the difference. I have made this now once a week and will never make enchiladas without this gravy.

Me and my family love enchiladas, I have been making the chili gravy using your recipe for a little over a year, and it has actually become my signature dish. Whenever we have I party, am asked to bring my famous enchiladas :) I live in Europe so people are not familiar with the TexMex flavors that much.I do not take all the credit though, I always refer people to your wonderful recipes. So I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful food!

I followed the recipe & there is not a whole lot of the gravy to cover as many enchiladas that you suggested cooking up for the recipe. A larger amount of gravy is needed, I shall do some tweaking of the recipe to get enough of it.


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