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Jogwa(2009) Marathi Movie 720p HD-by Prathamesh Kakade

Jogwa(2009) marathi movie 720p HD-by prathamesh kakade

Jogwa is a 2009 Marathi-language film directed by Rajiv Patil and produced under iDream Productions. It stars Upendra Limaye and Mukta Barve while Priya Berde, Vinay Apte, Sharvani Pillai and Kishor Kadam essay supporting roles. The film received five awards at the national film awards for 2008, including Best Film on Social Issues, Best Actor, Best Music Direction, Best Male Playback Singer and Best Female Playback Singer. It is a love story between a jogta and a jogtin, who are forced by the society to serve the local deity and give up their personal lives.


In this article, I will review the film and share the link to download the 720p HD version of the film by prathamesh kakade.

Review of Jogwa

Jogwa is a film that exposes the hypocrisies and exploitations of an oppressed society harrowed by archaic traditions and plagued by superstitions in the heart of rural India. It is a poignant tale of one woman's inspiring journey to break free from the shackles of discrimination, sexual oppression and servitude and find true happiness.

The film is based on the practice of jogti or devadasi system, where young girls and boys are dedicated to a goddess and expected to live a life of celibacy and service. They are treated as slaves by the villagers and exploited by the priests. They are also denied the basic rights of education, health care and dignity.

The film follows the lives of Suli (Mukta Barve) and Tayappa (Upendra Limaye), who are both jogtins. Suli is forced to become a jogtin by her father when she is just a child. She grows up in misery and loneliness, longing for love and freedom. Tayappa is a jogta who was castrated by his guru when he was young. He lives a life of humiliation and pain, suppressing his desires and emotions.

Their paths cross when they are both sent to serve at a temple during a festival. They feel an instant connection and attraction towards each other. They find comfort and solace in each other's company. They decide to elope and start a new life together. However, they face many challenges and obstacles from the society that does not accept their relationship.

The film is a powerful portrayal of the plight of the jogtins and their struggle for freedom and dignity. The film also explores the themes of love, faith, identity and courage. The film has a realistic and authentic tone, with natural dialogues and locations. The film also has a strong musical score by Ajay-Atul, who composed some soulful songs for the film. The song "Jeev Rangla" sung by Hariharan and Shreya Ghoshal is especially memorable and won them both national awards.

The performances of the lead actors are outstanding and deserve applause. Upendra Limaye delivers a nuanced and sensitive performance as Tayappa, who expresses his emotions through his eyes and body language. Mukta Barve is equally impressive as Suli, who portrays her character's strength and vulnerability with grace and conviction. The supporting cast also does a commendable job in their respective roles.

Jogwa is a film that will touch your heart and make you think about the injustices that still exist in our society. It is a film that will make you appreciate the value of love and freedom. It is a film that will make you proud of the Marathi cinema.

Download link for Jogwa(2009) marathi movie 720p HD-by prathamesh kakade

If you want to watch this amazing film in high quality, you can download it from the link below. This link is provided by prathamesh kakade, who has uploaded the 720p HD version of the film on his website. You can download it for free without any registration or subscription.

Here is the link: [Jogwa(2009) marathi movie 720p HD-by prathamesh kakade]

I hope you enjoy watching this film as much as I did. Please share your feedback and comments with me. Thank you for reading this article.


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